Tracy Shawn has been nominated as Finalist in Author Category

with the prestigious Shorty Awards for 2015

The Grace of Crows

The Grace of Crows Has Been Awarded:

The Jack Eadon Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama

Second Place in General Fiction for Readers Views

Runner-Up for General Fiction in the Great Northwest Book Festival.



“The Grace of Crows is nothing less than a striking and inimitable literary work.” 

US Review of Books, Reviewed by Anita Lock

RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books




“A stunning debut novel.”

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer on

Top 50 Reviewer



The Grace of Crows listed in Arts Scene “Hot List”

Winter Issue 2014



The Grace of Crows author Tracy Shawn interviewed by David Starkey

December 23, 2013



“Shawn’s narrative is intriguing, as turns and twists in the plot reveal generational secrets

and events that were pushed out of sight and mind, but still impact the present. It is written with a sophisticated understanding of psychological dynamics and personalities.”

Reviewed by Kerry Methner, PhD, December 27, 2013


sbseasonsThe Grace of Crows featured in “Books of Local Interest”

Winter 2014 Issue


“The novel has already been hailed as a healing opportunity, as well as a ‘deeply

moving heroines journey.’  As of Monday afternoon it had reached the Top 100

in the women’s fiction-psychological category on Kindle.”

Author Tracy Shawn interviewed by Steven Libowitz, October 24, 2013



The Grace of Crows is a painful but valuable story about how a struggling woman

learns the importance of forgiving and helping others and, more importantly,

letting them do the same for her.”

Reviewed by Sara Hartley, November 2013


savannah-mae“This is a simple, beautiful story, and if you suffer from anxiety, love someone who does,

or just like to be inspired by the human spirit, I suggest you pick up a copy soon.”

Reviewed by Sarah Widdup, October 2013



*****5 Star Review

“This is one of those rare novels that elicit every emotion you have available

through this author’s amazing writing skills.”

Reviewed by Billie Jo, November 2013



“On the Hottie Scale, this book is without a doubt a Hot – Page Turner.

“Author Tracy Shawn takes the reader on an empathetic journey of self-realization and a hope for the beginning of healing for her character Saylor. Anyone who has suffered or has a loved one with anxiety can easily feel Saylor’s struggles and understand where she is coming from.”

Reviewed by Syreeta, November 2013



***** 5 Star Review

“I feel Shawn is a very empathetic person who has captured her emotions well and laid them out in a story that we all can learn from.”

Reviewed by Digna Dreibelbis, September 2013



“This novel is one fictional journey that sheds light on anxiety and fear. It also pulled on my heart strings and made me cry several times. Like listening to an old friend pour out their soul.” 

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views