Book Club Questions for “The Grace of Crows”

Discussion Questions The Grace of Crows by Tracy Shawn 1. Empathy is a theme throughout the narrative of THE GRACE OF CROWS --- not just empathy toward family, but also empathy toward … [Read more...]

Shorty Award Nominee Speech for #Author Category by @TracyShawn

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A Simple Guideline on How to Write an Amazon Book Review (And Why it Matters!)

by Tracy Shawn, M.A. If you’d like to help your favorite authors get the word out for their books, writing a positive review on Amazon is a wonderful—and fun—way to help. The more reviews a book … [Read more...]

Why Should You Ever Buy a Book?

  by Tracy Shawn, M.A. Author of award-winning novel "The Grace of Crows"   Have you ever bought a movie ticket? Paid to see a concert or play? Handed over cash for entrance fee to a … [Read more...]