Book Club Questions for “The Grace of Crows”

Discussion Questions The Grace of Crows by Tracy Shawn 1. Empathy is a theme throughout the narrative of THE GRACE OF CROWS --- not just empathy toward family, but also empathy toward … [Read more...]

Shorty Award Nominee Speech for #Author Category by @TracyShawn

Why Fiction is Important By Tracy Shawn, M.A. PLEASE CONSIDER VOTING FOR ME IN THE #AUTHOR CATEGORY WITH THE SHORTY AWARDS BY SIMPLY TWEETING: I nominate @TracyShawn for a Shorty Award in #author … [Read more...]

In a Book Club or Just Love to Read?

The Grace of Crows by Tracy Shawn (Cherokee McGhee, October 2013) has won the 2013 Jack Eadon Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama, Second Place for General Fiction for the 2013 Readers … [Read more...]

How Book Giveaways Benefit Both Author and Reader

by Tracy Shawn, MA (First Published in: Book giveaways are perfect opportunities for readers to expand their book-reading horizons and for writers to further their … [Read more...]