The Care and Feeding of an Author

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The Healing Power of Fiction

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The Healing Journey of “The Grace of Crows”

by Tracy Shawn, MA After I had started writing my now-published novel, "The Grace of Crows," my anxiety and depression began to lift. I believe, in large part, this real-life transformation … [Read more...]

How Book Giveaways Benefit Both Author and Reader

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The Everyday Writing Process by Tracy Shawn, MA

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Why a Novel About Anxiety

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Author Interview

Below is an interview (published in the Santa Barbara Independent) in which I explain why I wrote a novel about anxiety, the inspiration for some of the characters, and the publishing … [Read more...]

How to (Finally!) Finish Your Novel by Tracy Shawn

No matter if you’ve just started writing your novel or muddling though the middle of it, the thought of finally typing “The End” might very well feel like some far-off fantasy that’ll never … [Read more...]