A Mini Memoir on Happiness

  by Tracy Shawn (A One-Minute Read)   My earliest memory of pure joy was when I was about four years old—and utterly alone. I had woken up at dawn. It seemed as if the house … [Read more...]

When Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True

Please Note: This piece was first published with PscyhCentral.com on November 2017 under the title: "How to Win Even When You Fail" by Author and Speaker Tracy Shawn, M.A.   What do the … [Read more...]

On Marriage: Advice to Newlyweds and Beyond

by Tracy Shawn, M.A. (See Amazon Author Page at: https://www.amazon.com/author/tracyshawn)   The following piece is a revised letter I recently wrote for my soon-to-be married niece. I’m … [Read more...]

To My Fellow “Sensitive Systems”

  by Tracy Shawn, M.A.   When I was in college, my friend Lauren and I joked that if we were ever to start a band, we’d call it “The Sensitive Systems.” Kindred spirits, Lauren and … [Read more...]

Controlling the Lure of the Social Media Siren

by Tracy Shawn, M.A.   I only ventured into the social media world because I’m a writer. Otherwise, I would have been content connecting with friends by picking up the phone, and building my … [Read more...]

How to Be a Better Person in One Day

By Tracy Shawn, M.A. author      There’s a very easy practice that is beneficial for your health, pocketbook, lowers your overall carbon footprint—and can also be considered an … [Read more...]

How to Share Negative Emotions and Why it’s Good for Your Emotional Health

  Please note: this article was first published on www.psychcentral.com under the title: "How to Safely Communicate Negative Emotions" By Tracy Shawn, MA, author of "The Grace of … [Read more...]

The Care and Feeding of an Author

First published on www.writingandwellness.com on March 2, 2016  by Tracy Shawn as interviewed by author and editor Colleen M. Story  A while back I ran into my first writing teacher and made sure … [Read more...]

The Healing Power of Fiction

| Tracy Shawn, MA | First Published with Psychology Tomorrow Magazine as a main essay on August 2014 - Issue 13 | INTERVIEW WITH: LUCY HORNER, AUTHOR OF TOLSTOY THERAPY: A FICTION … [Read more...]

Small Victories (How Cleaning can Increase Emotional Health)

by Tracy Shawn, MA, author of “The Grace of Crows” The other day, I found myself lying under my bed with rag in hand wiping away the remains of dreaded dust bunnies—and this was after I pushed the … [Read more...]